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The backend of your LAN, freed.

Projects Up and Our First Major Event

After a long time going “one day”, I’ve finally released some software under the Open Source LAN name. a It’s all on GitHub under the OpenSourceLAN organisation.

steam-discover is a tool to report data about how many people are playing which steam games on your LAN. Includes a simple live updating graph which you could include on your website, and connectors to send the data to arbitrary places like Redis, ELK, syslog or similar.

srcds-log-receiver is a simple tool that records all of the SRCDS logs sent to it. No need to worry about copying all of the logs from your game servers - they’re already in one spot.

origin-docker is a terribly named repository of a single docker container which contains Nginx set up to cache all of the major game distributions for your LAN.

Vectorama becomes the first LAN which I’m not involved with to use OpenSourceLAN software. Check out this thread on reddit to see how they used SteamDiscover and ELK to create a super cool dashboard of Steam activity at their event.